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Hey! Caesar, what day is it?
Year 2751 of Rome

The English version of the day by day account of the Roman calendar has been discontinued.

* See the problem of Concordance of the Calendars .
What's happening today?

Note : I have the feeling nobody is visiting this site regularly (and I have not yet been able to add a counter to check that). I am considering closing it, and I'll do that unless I receive some marks of interest. If you would like the site to continue, please write me at


Nobody answered, which means that nobody is watching. I won't update the calendar anymore. Too bad you missed the Lupercalia (when young men run naked in the streets, whipping women with strips of goat hides to make them fertile) and the Feriae Stultorum, Fools' Feast, the precursor of Mardi-Gras.
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Not any more!
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